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Increasing hope and transforming lives through education, collaboration, innovation and service.

Wiki in transition! The Collaboratory is currently re-organizing and relocating relevant wiki content to a new resource page called Collab Internal. Group and project information has already been relocated to Collab Internal. Please be patient as we make this transition through out the year. As a result, certain things may be out of date on the wiki.

This is an operations resource for students and educators in The Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research, a center in the School of Science, Engineering and Health within Messiah College. We conduct research and develop applications to serve others.

To set up a new account, contact the Collaboratory Administration Assistant.
NEW USERS, please read the getting started guide before editing this wiki.

Executive Leaders


Prayer Requests
  • Group and project leaders
  • New and returning members
  • Collaboratory partners and clients around the world

Quick Links

The Collaboratory is now on Facebook and Twitter! Check us out - Like us on FB! The Collaboratory on Facebook The Collaboratory on Twitter.

About the Collaboratory

Learn about the Collaboratory and our mission.

Leader and Advisor Resources

Download the Leader's Handbook, Site Team Handbook, and Best Practice Guide.

Join the Collaboratory

Find out how you can join the Collaboratory.

New Planning Forms

Project management that gets results and builds up teams.

Positions Available

See where you are needed in the Collaboratory.

Interested in Leadership?

Please complete this Collaboratory leadership application form: Collab Leadership Application. For new project or group leaders, please submit the completed form to the current group leader and your primary group advisor.

Leaders Workshop Registration

If you are a member of the Collaboratory and are interested in attending the Leader's Workshop in the Fall, please contact us at to sign up. We can't wait to see you in the fall!

Arrival dates: Group Leaders - Friday (morning/afternoon), August 22, 2014
Project Leaders and Members - Tuesday evening, August 26, 2014

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