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Collab-Main refers to the file server that Collaboratory stores its files on.


Use of the Server

  1. Storage of project documentation and other important files
  2. Storage of Project Planning Documents
  3. File security (the server is backed up)
  4. Working on CAD/SolidWorks models that require more memory than can be stored locally on a lab computer

How to access the server

Anyone who needs to access or modify files on the new server will need a Messiah username/password. All students and employees already have this, and there are a number of Collaboratory logins that you can use. For other constituents, please request that ITS create a username/password for them. (Simply create an ITS service request, describing who the login is for, what they need access to, etc. A login will be created. You will get a reply with a username/password in it. You must communicate that username/password to the person who needs it.)

Windows Based Access

  1. If not on campus, connect to the college VPN first. Instructions at:
  2. Open the Windows start menu, right-click Computer, select Map Network Drive.
  3. For Drive, select an unused letter
  4. For folder:
    • if you are accessing the server on campus, type \\\files\collab or \\\files\collab. Alternatively consider using \\\collab.
    • If you are accessing this off-campus, type \\\files\collab or you can use the IP numbers given above
  5. Make sure "Reconnect at logon" is checked AND “Connect using a different user name” is checked, where you will then be prompted for the username/password.
  6. You must use (group leader’s email) for the username and password for the username and password. You cannot use your personal username and password.
    • You may have to select User Another Account to enter this information.
    • If you are off campus and are using a VPN, do not forget to include or specify the correct domain using MESSIAH\collabxxx

Mac OS X Based Access

  1. If not on campus, connect to the college VPN first. Instructions at:|
  2. Create a new folder connection under Go -> Connect to Server.
  3. For server address, type: smb://
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