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Here are instructions and forms for proposing a Group, Project or Site Team. Contact the Director of the Collaboratory to discuss the formation of a new Group. Read on for important information about approval criteria and processes.


The approval process for Collaboratory programming evaluates new ideas and opportunities in view of the organization's foundational statements, and the resources already committed to existing programs. Goals for the approval process are:

  • Focus - To choose from among all possible opportunities those with closest compatibility to our core values and greatest potential to advance our objectives.
  • Quality assurance - To help educators and student leaders develop a plan capable of achieving outcomes that satisfy Collaboratory standards for quality.
  • Sustainability - To assure that the resources are available, including advisors, students, funding and facilities, to accommodate the new programming without jeopardizing prior commitments.

What requires approval?

Groups, Projects, Site Teams, and Policies require approval. These Collaboratory structures are defined here.

  • New Groups - A new Group may form by one of two mechanisms:
    1. A sponsoring advisor may propose to form a new group to house unspecified future projects in an area not represented by an existing group.
    2. The sponsoring advisor to a specific new project that does not fit within an existing Collaboratory Group may propose that a new Group form around the proposed new project.
  • New Projects - A project is New if ANY of the following are true:
    1. The time to complete the project is greater than 1 year.
    2. The sponsoring Group will seek or receive new funds to complete the project.
    3. The sponsoring Group will seek additional personnel to complete the project.
    4. Completion of the project will require the participation of personnel from Groups other than the sponsoring Group.
    5. A site team is required to implement the project.

On-site projects of less than one-year duration undertaken by existing Group personnel using the Group's approved budget do not require approval unless the project requires the participation of personnel from other Groups.

  • Site Teams - A site team may be sponsored by one or more Groups.
  • Policies - The need for a policy should be presented to the Student Director, who will take it the appropriate Collaboratory committees.

Approval criteria


  • Participants in the approval process will judge the fit of a proposal relative to the following criteria to be low, marginal, satisfactory, very good, or excellent.
  • Approval requires a minimum evaluation of satisfactory relative to criteria 1-3.
  • The importance of criteria 4-6 should be considered in the context of each project individually.
  • There is no requirement that a project satisfy criterion 7. When criterion 7 is satisfied, however, the proposal is strengthened.


  1. Mission fit: (Two equal mission criteria.)
    • Enables participants to engage an area of academic and professional interest through research or application.
    • Enables participants to respond to their Christian faith in action by:
      1. fostering justice, and/or
      2. empowering the poor, and/or
      3. promoting peace, and/or
      4. caring for creation.
  2. Theology: does the project honor the theological heritage of Messiah College? This precludes projects intended for military application.
  3. Client: is the client requirement for this type of project satisfied?
  4. An advisor: (Three equal criteria. May be satisfied by multiple advisors.)
    • Willing to empower students.
    • Willing to contribute professionally to the project.
    • Willing to travel if needed.
  5. Operations fit: will the project be well sustained by the knowhow, process, facility and financial resources of the Collaboratory?
  6. Funded: (One criteria of two must be satisfied.)
    1. The project is funded.
    2. The project has an expense and funding plan that is an acceptable risk to the Collaboratory.
  7. Revenue: will the project fund other projects and contribute to fiscal sustainability of the Collaboratory by bringing non-project revenue into the Collaboratory?

Approval process

Approved on 2011 08-23

Leaders Committee: 2011 08-23
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