Attributes of an approved worker

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Approved workers ...

  1. Desire a God-directed vision for their lives.
  2. Long for the increase of righteousness.
  3. Minister to the needs of Jesus in this world.
  4. Count the cost of following Jesus and reject the discipline of the world.
  5. Are faithful stewards of the gifts and resources God has given into their care.
  6. Use passing wealth in this world to store up a lasting treasure in heaven.
  7. Are fruitful in God’s Kingdom.
  8. Seek the wisdom and knowledge that are hidden in Christ.
  9. In humility value others above themselves.
  10. Co-operate with Holy Spirit as he makes them holy.
  11. Live by the promises of Jesus, free from the world’s false promises.
  12. Rest in God’s completed work.

Here is a printable file of the attributes and scriptures.

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