Basic Utility Vehicle

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Basic Utility Vehicle
Common Scooters


Project Components

  • Power Take-Off Integration
  • Design and Integrate Functional Motorcycle Attachments


  • To integrate a power take-off onto a current Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) while investigating additional modifications for a current BUV.
  • To design attachments to commonly owned motorcycles to improve their functionality.


  • In various regions in Africa, mobility is a crucial aspect to the quality of life. A BUV provides an affordable solution to faster transportation. BUV's are equipped to withstand the rugged terrain and is capable of transporting large payloads. Integrating a power take-off onto a BUV will enable people to power other equipment using the motor on the BUV. This BUV will be useful to occupants of Burkina Faso and any other regions with rugged terrain.
  • Small motorcycles are a very common mode of transportation in many poorer regions around the world, including Burkina Faso. Companies in China produce these small motorcycles in bulk, quickly and efficiently. The BUV project team looks to obtain one of these small motorcycles and design attachments to make it more useful in a wide variety of applications. The improvements made would benefit any individual with one of these small motor vehicles.

2013-2014 Goals

  • Acquire motor by January 2014
  • Acquire a small motorcycle as similar to those in Burkina Faso as possible by January 2014
  • Design Method for power take-off integration during Spring 2014
  • Brainstorm and design attachments for motorcycle during Spring 2014
  • Begin installing power take-off onto motor by Spring 2014
  • Begin fabrication of attachments or universal attachment by Spring 2014

Project Type

Equipping Project


  • November 14th, 2013 - Became an approved Collaboratory project


Project Advisor

Project Leader


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