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Brant Copen

Collaboratory member since August of 2005.


Project Manager of Frame Redesign team on the Hand Powered Tricycle Project.


Brant joined the Collaboratory (at the time named Dokimoi Ergatai) his fall semester of his freshman year. He worked on the tube bending team with Mary Constantine researching designs and possibilities involving tubing benders. During the 06/07 school year he lead the Frame Redesign Team. Working with Charity Oresic and Mary Constantine, he tested the tubing bender selected the last year and started to prepare the current trike frame for use in Mahadaga. Brant is currently pursuing his work with the frame redesign while hoping for project completion by the end of spring 08.


Leadership Workshop (Fall 07) Leadership Training (Spring 07) DE Retreat (Spring 06)

Roles & Responsibilities


You can contact Brant Copen at
You can view Brant Copen's user page at User:Bcopen.
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