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Briquettes in Malawi

Malawi's forest resources are being harvested at alarming and unsustainable rates. The primary reason is the country's ever increasing demand for energy from it's growing population (both rural and urban) living largely in poverty with few energy alternatives. It has been estimated that over 85% of Malawians use charcoal or wood for their daily energy requirements. In a world of climate change and biodiversity destruction, this is a very precarious path for a nation and the world to continue down.



Briquettes are made from agricultural waste and are a proven and viable alternative to charcoal and wood. Due to the alarming rates of deforestation, alternative fuels are now in greater demand. Using local products and equipment, a network of briquettes franchises will manufacture and market fuel briquettes as a sustainable and ecofriendly

Mission Statement:

To significantly reduce charcoal and wood consumption in Malawi by the alternative production, dissemination and sale of fuel briquettes made from widely available by-products and equipment


Briquettes in Malawi

Semester Goals

  1. Develop a Concept paper
  2. Develop a full proposal for funding agency's
  3. Build a cylinder and press for making briquettes for testing
  4. Develop testing procedures using our press
  5. Begin the development and testing of briquette formulas

Project Goals

  1. Produce a Briquette that is economically competitive with other fuel sources in Malawi
  2. Develop a network of businesses in Malawi for sustainable production and sale of briquettes

Project Members

Current Project Leader

Project Members

Job listings for G.O. students can be found here

Project Advisor

Dr. Thomas Soerens

Contact Info

For more information about the project, please contact

Josiah Kelley at

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