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Education Group Fall 2013


The Education Group promotes literacy and the development of abstract thinking skills among children and families in communities where lack of education is an issue of justice.


Students and faculty in the Education Group seek to strengthen both their knowledge as educators and their understanding of biblical values and spiritual maturity through work on insightful education projects, designed to meet the specific learning needs of marginalized cultures, with input and guidance from partnering organizations.


Promoting justice and opportunity as biblical values, through academic engagement and community partnership in the disciplines of mathematics, education, and information science.


Meeting location

  • The Education Group meets Monday evenings from 6:45pm - 8:00pm in Frey 141.

Other news

  • The Education Group completed work on the Burkina Summer Enrichment program during the Spring of 2012.
  • In Summer 2011, 5 students and professor Angela Hare held a three-week summer program for 31 students in Mahadaga. Kathy Balmer, Kim Frey, Becca Kharajian, Pam Kirkpatrick, and Linnet Schoenthal ran workshops in mathematics, music, handwriting, and photography.
  • The Fall 2010 issue of the Journal of Mathematics and Culture includes an article written by Education group students Katie Patton, Brittany Williams, and Kristen Wilt (all '09), with professor Angela Hare. The article describes the first group project, Burkina Math Literacy Project.
  • In Summer 2010, two students and professor Angela Hare operated a four-week summer academic program for 18 children in Mahadaga. The focus was on strengthening literacy and numeracy skills and abstract thinking. Bethany Blackwood (Mathematics with Secondary Certification and French, '11) taught in French and Katie Ogden (Elementary Education, '11)'spoke' sign language. To meet the children in our program, click here.
  • Five students from our Group traveled to the villages of Mahadaga and Nindangou in January 2009. Our Group projects included delivering materials for blind students and teachers at the Center for the Advancement of the Handicapped in Mahadaga, conducting a professional development workshop for teachers at CAH, and leading an arithmetic and finance workshop for Burkinabé pastors at the Nindangou Bible School. Five other students on the team included one student of engineering, one biology student, two business majors, and one nutrition major.


Current projects

  1. Yako Education Project (YEP)
  2. Refugee Employability Enhancement Project (REEP)
  3. BookShare

Future projects

Past projects

  1. Mahadaga Homeschooling Resources
  2. FAPA-E
  3. Burkina Summer Enrichment Program
  4. Strengthening Mathematical Literacy
  5. Math Education for Missionary Families
    • Kevin Laflamme ('09) spent six weeks in the Burkinabé city of Fada n'Gourma, where he worked daily as a math tutor for an Australian missionary family who homeschool their four children, ages 5 through 12. Kevin's teaching notes.
  6. Burkina Math Literacy Project
  7. Christian vocation in the Messiah mathematics major
  8. Developing a Dynamic Computer Science Curriculum through Student Interaction


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