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Elizabeth Bashore

Collaboratory member since Spring 2013.


Project Member of the African Wash and Disabilities Study Project


Elizabeth joined the Collaboratory in the spring of 2013 and soon began attending AWDS meetings, a project within the disability resources group. She appreciates the unique opportunity that the Collaboratory offers students to integrate their academic discipline with a service project tailored to meet a specific need. Elizabeth had the opportunity to travel to Ghana with a site team from the AWDS project in January of 2014. While there, the team worked with local villages and World Vision Ghana staff members to modify two hand pump superstructures and construct two latrines making both disability-friendly.


Elizabeth is currently enrolled as a mechanical engineering student.

Roles & Responsibilities

As a member of the AWDS project, some of her main responsibilities have included working on models for disability-friendly hand pump superstructures for different countries in Africa.

You can contact Elizabeth Bashore at eb1335@messiah.edu.
You can view Elizabeth Bashore's user page at User:eb1335.
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