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The Equipment Check Out Process

  1. Come to the Collaboratory office (third floor of Frey)or email the Manager or Student Administrative Assistant.
  2. Talk with them about what equipment you need and what is available.
  3. Read the policies below on the equipment you want to check out
  4. Notify the Manager or Student Administrative Assistant that you have read the policies and they will retrieve your equipment.
  5. Fill out the Equipment Check Out Form (below)indicating exactly what has been checked out.

Equipment Available for Check-Out

Camcorder checkout policy

Digital Camera checkout policy

Laptop checkout policy

PDA checkout policy

Projector checkout policy

Netbook checkouts 2012-2013

Equipment Checkout Form

To check out a piece of Collaboratory equipment please check with the Manager to see if it is available and then fill out this Checkout Form.

Laboratory Equipment

Collaboratory Facilities Use Rules Rev_1.1

Collaboratory Facilities Use Sign Off Sheet

EE Policies

Electrical Use Sign Off Sheet

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