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Staff Services
Finance Team 2010



The Finance Team supports the fiscal sustainability and accountability of the Collaboratory by tracking and recording monetary flows. The Finance Team seeks to educate the other members of the organization on the importance of proper budgeting and financial tracking, as well as demonstrate to the public through our financial statements that the organization is maximizing the dollars allocated directly to aiding our clients. The group is responsible for the monthly distribution of group financial statements as well as preparing the annual financial report.


Instructions and References for Forms

  • Forms should be turned in to the Manager of the Collaboratory (F353; Box 3034)
  • Collaboratory approval scale for purchases and reimbursements (Who is required to sign the form?):
    • $0 - $50: Group Leader (student)
    • $51 - $999: Advisor
    • $1000+: Manager (Rodney Green)
    • $5000+: Director (David Vader)
  • When filling out forms, you will need to specify:
    • The Collaboratory org:
      • Collaboratory (general): 7410
      • Disability Resources - Conrad Hilton Foundation grant (Mali Water and Disabilities Study): 7413
      • Energy - DOE Biodiesel grant: 7414
      • Energy - KIZ Methanol Recovery System Prototype grant: 7419
      • Database Applications - World Vision CHARMS grant: 7424
    • The ACTIVITY CODE LIST‎. Please designate which Collaboratory Group and Team/Project or Site Team should be charged.
  • Note that no forms are required in order to make a purchase on a Messiah VISA purchasing card. Credit card holders should follow the Collaboratory's guide for credit card purchases.


  • Intra College Spending Form: If you purchase anything on campus (e.g., College Press, College Bookstore, Dining Services, etc.) or submit a requisition for a Purchase Order online, please fill out this form.
  • Petty Cash Request Form: For reimbursement for purchases under $100. See the Manager of the Collaboratory for reimbursement from the Collaboratory's petty cash fund.
  • Expense Reporting Form: For general reimbursement purposes (over $100).
  • Mileage Reimbursement Form: For reimbursement for miles driven in your personal vehicle for the Collaboratory.
  • Cash Advance Request Form: To receive a cash advance for a Site Team trip.
  • International Travel Expense Form: Contact the Manager of the Collaboratory if you need this form. This form allows for currency conversion.
  • Travel Expense Report Form: For employees who need to be reimbursed for travel expenses.
  • Travel Expense Report Form: For non-employees who need to be reimbursed for travel expenses.
  • Form for Deposits: For making a deposit in the business office.
  • Falcon ID Card Reconciliation Form: For tracking purchases made on Collaboratory hospitality cards and Messiah ID cards.
  • Tax Exempt Form: If you need a particular item to be tax exempt according to Pennsylvania law, please use this form.
  • Missing Receipt Form: To be used when there is no receipt.

Forms and Resources for the Manager


How to develop a budget and get it approved.

Event Budgeting Guidelines

The Event Planning Guides are practical guidelines for creating budgets for the following Collaboratory events:

Resources for the Finance Team

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