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Forgotten Voices International Project


This project is considered an application project. A site team traveled to Zambia for three weeks in January of 2014. You can read their blog and learn more about what they did here: The Collaboratory's EE Zambia 2014 Site Team!. The site team consisting of Ryan Miller, Sarah Gross, Abigail Ferenczy, and Rob Wheatley taught micro-finance classes in Zambia out of a CSLA curriculum created for that very purpose.

Purpose statement

To make an impact on the world's poor through empowering orphans in Africa through a partnership with Forgotten Voices International. MED's purpose is to assist Forgotten Voices in promoting the non-profit's work to college students and the surrounding community through creating marketing materials, advocating their cause in community events and hosting an on-campus event to promote awareness.


The MED team has engaged with Forgotten Voices International to create marketing materials for college campuses, with Messiah College as the pilot college, to spread the word about the organization. The MED team is continuing its work on educational pamphlets and other promotional materials as well as research at the direction of Forgotten Voices.


Forgotten Voices International Background

  • Forgotten Voices International is a local non-profit organization that is committed to working to improve and empower orphans in Africa, mainly in Zambia and Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe alone, 500 hundred people die everyday from AIDS related illnesses and 1,000 children become orphaned. Entire communities are being ravaged by this virus, leaving behind children with forgotten voices that are too young or too vulnerable to rise above the background noise of a busy and preoccupied world. As their mission states, the children are why they do their work-they are their focus. After traveling to Zimbabwe on a missions trip, President Ryan Keith was overwhelmed with the desire to help the AIDS-ravaged orphans he encountered during his time in Zimbabwe. He started this organization in 2005 with the goal of giving orphans access to healthcare, schooling, personal training and other resources in Jesus' name. The organization exists through partnerships with the local church to provide HIV/AIDS education, pastoral training, funding education for children who cannot afford it, providing care for orphans and sharing the stories of our African partners with our friends throughout the world. Forgotten Voices International

The team has worked on an Exploratory project during the 2009-2010 school year, working to begin a solid partnership with Forgotten Voices International alongside our advisor Jesse Schwamb. Forgotten Voices expressed a need to the MED group for marketing materials to be used in marketing to colleges around the United States. The initiative focused on using Messiah College as a pilot program to test the marketing materials created by the team on Messiah's campus. The goal is to use the materials developed for Messiah 's students as a catalyst to spread the message of Forgotten Voices to campuses nationally. The team worked on developing a PowerPoint template, promotional buttons, a Google Forgotten Voices banner, and a Facebook page.







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