Harrisburg Economic Empowerment Project

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Harrisburg Economic Empowerment Project


The Harrisburg Economic Empowerment Project will provide residents of the 17103 Harrisburg zip code and surrounding area with greater financial independence, financial stability, and financial peace through a financial literacy curriculum.

Purpose statement

The curriculum will be designed to engage the sociocultural and economic assets of the neighborhood, offer neighborhood-based opportunities for developing social capital and economic opportunity, and provide basic adult financial literacy education.


The project hopes to provide holistic neighborhood empowerment in a culturally sensitive and sustainable way by developing partnerships with local banks, employers, non-profits, schools, businesses, and churches. Partnerships include:

  • Together for Tomorrow - Downey Elementary School
    • A business subcommittee for Harrisburg
  • Salvation Army
    • After school tutoring and mentoring
    • Cultivating a relationship with the children and families in the neighborhood
    • Facilitating holistic empowerment through means of economic empowerment


Current research has allowed us to focus on three sectors:

  • Quantitative Research
    • Conducting demographic analysis of the 17103 Harrisburg zip code - social, financial, employment, education, poverty factors and geographic distribution; using American Community Survey US Census Data
  • Qualitative Research
    • Conducting interviews with neighborhood residents, school administrators, and teachers.
  • Curriculum Development
    • Researching existing financial literacy curriculums and synthesizing them together into a curriculum adapted to the unique sociocultural and socioeconomic struggles and strengths of the neighborhood


This project was initiated in the Spring of 2013 when Christina McIntyre had a vision for helping the financially oppressed in the city of Harrisburg. Since its conception in 2013, Christina has attracted a team who has worked effortlessly to bring this project to fruition.




Contact Information

For more information about this project, please contact:

Christina McIntyre

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