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What is the Annual Planning form?

The Collaboratory Annual Planning Form is a two-part planning document completed by all projects and consists of (1) the Annual Plan and (2) the Annual Review. The Annual Planning Form is a PDF form and replaces the formerly used “Project Planning Article” (PPA) housed exclusively in the wiki. All projects are encouraged to complete the Annual Planning process indicated below, with the exception of new projects submitting a project proposal. In that case, drafting the Project Proposal takes precedent in order to first get the project through the approval process.

Changes from the Project Planning Article (PPA)

The shift to the Annual Planning Form was carried out primarily for two reasons: (1) To replace the technical (mostly engineering) jargon used in the former Project Planning Articles with more general wording to make planning more straightforward and applicable to all projects and (2) To allow leaders and members to create annual plans directly onto the PDF forms without having to learn any wiki markup language required by the former PPA. Unlike the PPAs which previously went through the Leaders Committee Meeting (LCM) for approval, the Annual Planning Form holds the Group Leader and advisor(s) responsible for ensuring the annual planning is completed for their projects in a satisfactory manner.

Breakdown of Annual Planning Form

Annual Plan

  • Progress report
  • Work needed
  • Timeline of activities
  • Personnel update
  • Equipment/space needs
  • Budget update (if needed)

Annual Review

  • Comparison of actual versus proposed accomplishments
  • Recommendations of future project priorities


Download the Collaboratory Annual Planning Form: Annual Planning Form.

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