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Group Article

A group article gives information about or relevant to a group. There are two types of group articles; main and internal. The main group article is for all information relevant to outsiders wishing to get a sense of what the group is about and what the group is doing. The internal group article is meant for internal documentation not suited for the main group article. It is also meant to serve as the root article for all articles in the group's namespace. Adhering to the following conventions along with the article naming and style guidelines will help users to find internal group articles while also providing a standard look and feel to the main group articles.

Main group article

The main group article is designed to be a starting point for both group members and nonmembers. This main article should describe the mission, members, news and current projects of the group. The main group article is NOT to be used as a workspace for the group. Those belong in the group's internal article.


The main group article should be in the main namespace, not the group's namespace. This is done so users can enter the group's name into the searchbar (which only searches the main namespace) and be automatically directed to the group's main article, rather than a list of possible matches. To accomplish this, the name of your main group article should simply be (using Water Access as an example) "Water Access Group".


In order to preserve continuity across the entire wiki, all main group articles should have the same basic structure. The main group article adheres to the group template and group sidebar. Both templates should be included on this page.

Internal group article

The internal group article is meant to be both a root article and a resource for ongoing group documentation. It does not adhere to a template, and can be useful for a number of group related things.


The internal group article should be in the group's namespace, not the main namespace. The idea of the internal group article being the root article of the group's namespace is based on the naming of this article, such that all other articles in the group's namespace branch off of it. To accomplish this, the name of you internal group article should be (Again, using Water Access) "WA:Water Access".

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