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Group leaders and advisors should work together to complete a Group budget.


Getting Started

Please read the budget planning page before preparing your budget. Your Group budget will include expenses and a plan for an EQUAL amount of funding.

  1. Get the budget worksheet here
  2. Save it to your computer
  3. Open the worksheet and fill it out using the following instructions. Remember that this budget is an estimate of your revenue and expenses. It is not expected to be perfectly accurate or precise, but it should give an overall representation of your planned revenue and expenses for the year.

Group General budget instructions

Create a Group General budget in the same way you would create a project budget, using "Group General" as your team name. Follow the project budget instructions. Note that "Group General is already placed on the Group Budget tab for you.

Import the budgets of any approved projects

  1. Team leaders and advisors of approved projects within your group should email you their budgets.
  2. Save all project budgets to your computer.
  3. Open your Group General budget and all project budgets. For each project budget:
    1. Right click on the Revenue tab (e.g. Trike Revenue)
    2. Choose “Move or Copy…,”
    3. In the "To Book:" drop down box, select your Group General budget.
    4. Check the box marked “Create a copy.”
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the Expenses tab.
    6. Navigate to the Group Budget tab in your Group General budget worksheet
    7. Fill in the team name (e.g. Trike) of the project budget you just copied; put it into one of the spaces marked Team 1, Team 2, etc. The Revenue and Expenses of that project should appear.
    8. In row 24, fill in the appropriate General Group overhead for the project.
    9. Repeat these steps for all projects/staff teams in your group.
  4. Choose your Group name from the drop down list on the Group Budget tab.
  5. Save your Group General worksheet!

Submit your Group budget

The Group Advisor emails the proposed budget to the Student Directorof the Collaboratory for processing. By submitting the budget, the Group Advisor demonstrates that she has reviewed and approved it.

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