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Set up the proposal

Please use either the on-line or off-line forms provided.

On-line (preferred)

  1. Click here to retrieve the wiki template for a new group application. Select the template with your mouse and copy.
  2. Create a new page for your Group proposal by putting your proposal name (in the format "newgroupname Group/Proposal article") in the search space on the left sidebar and clicking "Go". The search results should show that there is no page with that name; click on the link "create this page."
  3. Paste the template into your page, and save.
  4. Click the "edit" tab at the top of your page, and follow the instructions below to fill in content after the equals signs ("=").


The off-line form is not current, but will be updated soon.

  1. Download the PDF form here.
  2. Fill in the form following the instructions located under the help tabs within the form or outlined below.
  3. Submit the form to the Student Director.


  • Title (Required) - This is the title of your Group proposal.
  • Abstract (Required) - Provide a 150 word (or less) summary of the Group need and goals. The abstract is an important resource the the Director and Marketing Team use for promoting your Group. Many authors will write this section last.
  • Applicants (Required) - Name the applicant(s) in each of the following categories, and provide a very brief statement about the expertise that each brings to the project.
    1. Group Advisor - Faculty member or other advisor sponsoring the Group. The lead (or sole) author of an exploration project goes here, even if the project has no student team members.
    2. Group Leader - Student leader of the Group.
    3. Other Advisors - list any other advisors who wish to participate in the proposed Group.
  • Narrative - This is the body of the proposal. Organize your narrative under these headings. Please respond to all sections listed as "required", and to others IF applicable.
    1. Statement of need (Required) - Describe a need that fits the mission of the Collaboratory that this Group aims to address.
    2. Mission and scope (Required) - Describe the mission and scope of work the Group will undertake. What criteria will the Group use to know what projects fit and do not fit in the Group?
    3. Related groups (If Applicable) - Name any existing Collaboratory Groups whose mission overlaps with the proposed new Group. What makes the new Group different?
    4. Start-up project (Required) - Provide a brief description of one or more projects that the group intends to initiate in its first year. Please note that Group and Project approvals are separate processes.
      • A start-up Project proposal may be included with the new Group proposal.
      • New Groups lacking an approved project have up to a year to propose and gain approval for a project.
    5. Start-up client (Required) - Provide the name and contact (person, address, e-mail, phone) for one or more client organizations. For each client please list the related project(s).
  • Personnel and facilities (Required)
    1. What academic disciplines and other skills will be utilized in this Group?
    2. How many students and advisors in addition to those listed on this application are needed to pursue the start-up project(s)?
    3. What are the space needs of the Group, and how do you plan to meet them?
    4. What Collaboratory or other College equipment will this Group require?
  • Budget (If applicable) - Insert a link to your budget worksheet. See below for further instructions.

Budget worksheet

Fill out the Group budget worksheet here.


  1. Sign the proposal - The Group Advisor must sign the Group proposal article. This is done by putting in four tildes "~~~~" after the name in the "Group Advisor" space in the proposal. This will leave a timestamp signature that looks like this: Wbellows 15:07, 5 August 2008 (UTC).
  2. Email the materials - The Group Advisor should email both the proposal and budget worksheet to the Collaboratory Student Director for processing. If you used the wiki template, you may email just the link to the proposal location. Click here to learn more about decision making in the Collaboratory.

Approved on 2008 10-30

Leaders Committee: 2008 08-26
Operations Committee: 2009 01-08
Executive Committee: 2008 10-30
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