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These instructions are for proposing NEW Collaboratory projects. Completing a Project Proposal enables you to seek approval of:

  • Goals and a time line to guide the work serve as a basis for evaluation.
  • A budget and funding plan for the project.
  • An internal allocation of grant or other funds from the Collaboratory.



  • Are you writing your first Collaboratory project proposal, or first in a while? BEFORE you write:
    1. Read the FAQ page and the page of principles for sustainability.
    2. Read this summary of responsibilities for advisors of approved projects.
  • To save time, read through ALL of the instructions once before writing your proposal.
    1. Notice that some entries are REQUIRED while others need be completed only IF APPLICABLE.
    2. Notice that goals and deliverables are listed separately, after the narrative.
  • Some headings on the form are self-explanatory, but you will need the instructions on this page to complete some parts of the application.
    1. Use the on-line instructions to link to helpful resources not available off line.
    2. Click on "printable version" to the left of this wiki page if you want to print a paper copy.
  • Make sure you understand the Project approval process before you apply.
  • If the project is approved, you will need to create a project article to make summary information available to others.

Project Proposal Form

Download the Project Proposal Form here. (Please right click the link and save the file to your computer.)

Project Extension Request

The extension request is for an existing project where the final end date needs to be pushed back to allow for continued work on the project.

Before starting your Project extension proposal, see the Instructions. The instructions apply for BOTH versions.

  • On-line application - This is the PREFERRED wiki application template, useful for collaborative authoring and review.
  • Off-line application - This is an alternative PDF application file.

Preparing the budget worksheet

See the Budget help page for instructions on how to prepare the budget worksheet as well as to receive the budget spreadsheet.

Submitting the Proposal and Budget

  1. Sign the proposal
    • The following individuals must sign the Project Proposal (on the Cover Page) in the appropriate spaces.
      • Team Advisor
      • SEH Department Chair
      • Additional Dept. Chairs (Non-SEH department chairs must submit their approval via email to the Student Director, but should still be listed on the cover page)
  2. Email the materials
    • Who should email the proposal and budget?
      • The Project/Team Advisor
    • Who do the materials get emailed to?
      • To: The Student Director
      • CC: The student Group Leader
      • CC: The Department Chairs of any faculty listed as an advisor for the project
  3. Approval process
    • See Project approval process for more information.
    • Department chairs have 7 days from day email is sent to provide feedback. Approval of the project cannot happen unless signatures of SEH Department chairs are recorded. If appropriate Department chairs outside of the school of SEH do not sign the proposal within 7 days, the approval process continues.

Approved on 2010 04-01

Leaders Committee: 2010 03-31
Executive Committee: 2010 04-01
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