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Learn to wiki

Skip to the "set-up" section if you already know how to wiki.
  • Many new users can learn enough of the wiki mark-up language to write their proposal in about an hour. Click here to get started, or contact the Manager of the Collaboratory to request some one-on-one help.
  • Note that wiki work is facilitated by the tabbing feature of newer web browsers that permits you to open and move between multiple pages in a single browser session. In Mozilla Firefox "Ctrl+t" will open a new tab, so one tab can be your proposal and another the instructions.

Set up the Project extension proposal

If you are not using the wiki to write your project extension proposal, please skip down to the Instructions section below.

  • Create your page
    1. Open up one blank web page (use Ctrl+t in Mozilla)
  • Name your page - The name of your Project proposal extension should conform to the scheme illustrated here: DR:Hand Powered Tricycle Project/Project extension proposal.
    1. The first two letters, "DR" in this case, put your page in the namespace of the sponsoring Group.
    2. The portion following the colon, "Hand Powered Tricycle Project" in the example, is the title of your project.
    3. The portion following the title, "Project extension proposal" in the example, gives the title of this specific wiki page. Later you may want to create additional project pages by placing other text after the slash.
    4. Simply type the complete page names after the wiki web page name into the URL box to create the page (page will be blank until text is put in).
      1. Example: Powered Tricycle Project/Project extension proposal
  • Insert the project extension proposal template.
    1. Click here to retrieve the wiki template for the Project extension proposal. Select the template with your mouse and copy.
    2. Click on the link to your project extension proposal page, paste the template into the appropriate pages, and save.

Using the template

  1. To use the form, simply insert content after the "=" signs.
  2. Save your page often to avoid loss of data due to electronic malfunction.
  3. Remember to check the "watch this page" box so that you can follow the edits of your collaborators, and track comments on the discussion page.


  • Title (Required) - This is the title of your project proposal.
  • Type (Required) - Enter the type of project: Exploratory, Research, or Application. See these definitions for help.
  • Sponsors (Required) - See these definitions for help.
    1. Group - Name the sponsoring Collaboratory Group. If you have no sponsoring Group, please contact the Director or Student Director of the Collaboratory for assistance.
    2. Client - Name any sponsoring organization(s) and contact person(s). Required for application projects; optional for exploration and research projects.
  • Applicants (Required)
    1. Know who may propose a project before completing this section.
    2. Name the applicant(s) in each of the following categories, and provide a very brief statement about the expertise that each brings to the project.
      • Team Advisor - Faculty member or other advisor sponsoring a project. The lead (or sole) author of an exploration project goes here, even if the project has no student team members.
      • Team Leader - Student leader of the project team.
      • List the other student and non-student applicants.
  • Reason for Extension (Required) - Explain the reasons why a project extension is required.
  • Budget Implications - Please include all budget implications of the project extension. In most cases, a revised budget will need to be included.

Preparing the budget worksheet

Fill out the Project budget worksheet here

Submitting the Proposal and Budget

  1. Sign the extension proposal! This is done by putting in four tildes "~~~~" after the name. This will leave a timestamp signature that looks like this: Wbellows 15:14, 5 August 2008 (UTC).
    • The following individuals must sign the Project Extension Proposal in the appropriate spaces.
      • Team Advisor
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