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Please read and consider the following before submitting this proposal

  1. Leading a site team requires a significant commitment in order to complete the following site team requirements detailed in the Site team resources:
    • Complete the application and budget
    • Form the team
    • Prepare the team for cross-cultural service
    • Debrief team members
    • Properly document the trip
  2. Work with the Manager of the Collaboratory to ensure that the partner organization is vetted and approved by Messiah College's Office of International Programs. Here is a list of Collaboratory partner organizations that have been approved by the College.
  3. Does the trip advance the mission of the Collaboratory by providing enough of the following benefits?
    • One or more project teams have demonstrated that their work has progressed to the point where they are prepared for initial implementation, to advance local sustainability, and or to conduct research necessary to the continuation of their project.
    • Provide critical exposure and training for the next generation of Collaboratory student leaders and/or for new faculty advisors.
    • Provide opportunities for external project (advisory, project, funding) partners to visit the work and deepen their understanding and commitment.
  4. Note that Collaboratory trip opportunities are prioritized as follows:
    • Ongoing partnerships: Does the trip advance current project goals and obligations to existing partner organizations and locations? We value long term partnership and relationship building with specific ministries, personnel, and locations.
    • New partnerships: Will the trip help the Collaboratory to develop an approved new partnership with an organization/location without jeopardizing purpose #1?
    • One time job: Will the trip advance the mission of the Collaboratory, both in the lives of students (e.g. developing student leaders) and for off-campus service, without jeopardizing purposes #1 and #2?
  5. Make sure you understand the Site team approval process before proposing a team.

Application Form

Please follow the instructions for filling out a proposal in the Using the proposal section below.


If you are proposing a new site team use one of these templates:

  • On-line application - This is the wiki application template, useful for collaborative authoring and review. For more details on how to do this, read the Learn to wiki and Preparing the proposal sections following.
  • Off-line application - This is an alternative PDF application file.

If you are proposing a recurring site team (one that has already been approved through the project proposal or is part of a series of recurring site teams) use one of these templates:

  • On-line application - This is the wiki application template, useful for collaborative authoring and review. For more details on how to do this, read the Learn to wiki and Preparing the proposal sections following. Note that this proposal article does not require all of the sections listed in the instructions.
  • Off-line application - This is an alternative PDF application file.

Submitting the proposal and budget

Please note that a proposal is VERY unlikely to be approved unless a complete proposal and budget are received by the Fall break (for Summer site teams) or Spring break (for J-term site teams) deadlines listed in the Site team resources

  1. Sign the proposal! This is done by putting in four tildes "~~~~" after the name. This will leave a timestamp signature that looks like this: Wbellows 14:44, 5 August 2008 (UTC).
    • The Team Advisor must sign the Project proposal article in the "Team Advisor" space in the proposal.
  2. Email the materials - The Site Team Advisor should email both the proposal and budget worksheet to the Collaboratory Student Director for processing. If you used the wiki template, you may email just the link to the proposal location. Click here to learn more about decision making in the Collaboratory.

Remember, if the proposals are not signed they WILL NOT be approved!

Learn to wiki

Skip to the "Preparing" sections below if you already know how to wiki.

  • Many new users can learn enough of the wiki mark-up language to write their proposal in about an hour. Click here to get started, or contact the Manager of the Collaboratory to request some one-on-one help.
  • Wiki work is facilitated by the tabbing feature of newer web browsers that permits you to open and move between multiple pages in a single browser session. In Mozilla Firefox "Ctrl+t" will open a new tab, so one tab can be your proposal and another can be the instructions.

Preparing the proposal

Set up the proposal

If you are using the online (wiki-based) application please proceed as follows. Those using the application form will find instructions in the form.

  • Create a link to your Site Team proposal from the home page of your sponsoring Project, under the Documentation section.
    1. Links to Group pages are listed at the top of the column to the left of this page. Find your Group and click.
    2. Links to Project pages are listed at the top of the side-bar to the right of the Group page. Find your Project and click.
    3. Click the edit tab at the top of the page and scroll down to |documentation=
    4. Create a new line for your link.
  • Name your page - The name of your Site Team Proposal Article should conform to the scheme illustrated here: DR:Hand Powered Tricycle Project/Burkina Faso Su08 site team proposal.
    1. The first two letters, "DR" in this case, put your page in the namespace of the sponsoring Group.
    2. The portion following the colon, "Hand Powered Tricycle Project" in the example, is the title of your project.
    3. The portion following the title, "Burkina Faso Su08 site team proposal" in the example, gives the title of this proposal in the form of the destination followed by the time of year. "Su" is the agreed-upon shorthand for "Summer", while "J" is the agreed-upon shorthand for "January".
  • Insert the application template.
    1. Click here to retrieve the wiki template for a new site team application or here for a recurring site team application. Select the template with your mouse and copy.
    2. Click on the link to your application page, paste the template into your page, and save.

Using the proposal

  • To use the online form, simply click the "edit" tab at the top of your site team proposal page and enter content after the "=" signs
  • Use the instructions, below, to answer each section
  • Save your page often and remember to check the "Watch this page" box in order to track the edits of collaborators, and follow comments on the discussion page.
  1. Title - Name the proposal according to the same naming convention used for naming the proposal wiki page, for example Burkina Faso Su08 site team proposal
  2. Abstract - Provide a one paragraph description of what you hope to accomplish through this trip.
  3. Trip details
    • Project(s) - List the approved Collaboratory project(s) involved (make them links to the approved project proposals).
    • Client(s) - Name the client(s) who will be hosting your team and/or will be working with you.
    • Destination - Name the destination of this site team, including all countries you plan to visit as well as the towns/cities
    • Dates - Provide the trip starting and ending dates, including travel time. If you are unsure of the exact dates, provide the month and number of weeks needed.
  4. Applicants
    • Team advisor - Name the advisor who has committed to planning, coordinating, and leading the trip. It is desirable for this advisor to have prior international experience. Please note, trips without committed advisors are very unlikely to be approved.
    • Student team leader - Name the student leader who has committed to this trip. Please note, trips without committed student leaders are very unlikely to be approved.
    • Additional advisors - Name any other advisors who have committed to participating in the site team
  5. Rationale - The Collaboratory may only be able to support a limited number of site teams each year due to equipment and staffing limitations. Provide a one-paragraph justification for this site team and its timing. Please include any relevant client interactions and critical project timeline concerns.
  6. Goals - Use the SMART acronym to define detailed project work goals that will be accomplished through this site team.
  7. Training - Non-project related training prior to the trip as well as in-country. If you already have a syllabus and/or material that satisfies any of the below criteria, you may attach them to the proposal to supplement the criteria that it meets. Please see the Site Team Training Resources page for materials used on past site team trips as you prepare your teams training program.
    • Team bonding training - Describe in detail the meals, activities, retreats, etc that your team will have the semester prior to the site team to develop relationships between team members.
    • Cross-cultural training - Describe in detail the cross-cultural training that your team will experience the semester prior to and during the trip. Address AT LEAST the following:
      • How the team will be trained to understand the rules, roles and sensitivities of the culture.
      • What is the plan for housing and are there any gender considerations you will be making?
      • How often will you be meeting for non-project preparation?
      • Will there be a packet of reading resources? Assignments?
    • Spiritual training - Describe in detail how your team will be preparing spiritually for the site team prior to the trip and during.
  8. Preparatory work
    • Completed work - What work has already been completed (not planned) that will support the team and enable members to accomplish the goals of this specific site team.
    • Remaining work - List all remaining pre-trip project work requiring completion for the site team to be able to complete the trip goals. Include a brief plan for completing this work. Remember, cross-cultural preparations for the site team will require significant time as well.
  9. In-country requirements
    • Equipment - List all requested Collaboratory equipment, including IT equipment (laptops, still cameras, video cameras, etc) and tools. Check IT equipment availability with the Collaboratory Manager and the availability of other tools with the appropriate persons. Be sure to properly checkout all equipment in advance, leaving enough time for training.
    • Support - In what ways will you require your client's support (e.g. housing, transportation, translators, labor, etc.) in-country? In what ways will you require the Collaboratory's support in-country? What plans have/will be made to this end?
  10. Follow-up work - How will you continue and build upon the work of this site team? Remember that basic trip documentation and team member debriefing are required as well.
  11. Resources
    • Participants - Provide the total number of participants in the team, including a breakdown of advisors and students. Please specify how many representatives from your group should be on the site team and remember to include at least 2 extra spaces for staff and others. Site teams provide a service greater than the value of the project work. Site teams help to develop the next generation of student leaders within the Collaboratory, and provide Staff an opportunity to experience the work that is being done in application groups.
    • Budget -
      • Budget link - Please include a link to an uploaded budget worksheet (see instructions below)
      • Group financial health - Please explain the financial health of the sending Collaboratory group(s) and any necessary financial considerations.
  12. Housekeeping - Before a site team can be approved by the Collaboratory, Messiah College must approve the partner organization with which the team will be working. If your partner organization was not already approved during your project proposal process, please contact the Manager of the Collaboratory to receive the necessary instructions and paperwork for having your partner organization approved.

Preparing the budget worksheet

Fill out the Site Team budget worksheet here.

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