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Staff Services
The field of Information Management


The Information Management Team researches, implements and improves upon new and existing technologies to assist and serve the needs of projects in the Collaboratory as well as the Collaboratory as a whole. The team also works to assist members using Collaboratory technology.


  • The IM Team meets at 6:45 PM in Frey 349 on Monday nights (after the general Collaboratory meeting at 6:00pm (chapel credit) in Frey 110.

Core Services

  1. Server
    • The Collaboratory has two servers
      • A virtual server through ITS which hosts The Collaboratory Portal, Collaboratory databases, attendance application, and this wiki!
      • Collab-Main which serves as a file server and sandbox for testing
    • If any of these services are unavailable, please contact us at so we can fix it
  2. Achievement Tracking (MAP)
  3. Civi Contact Database
    • The Collaboratory contact database is used to track information on members, partners, and contacts
    • The database login is on our website
  4. File Server
    • A central location for Collaboratory files is Collab-Main
  5. Wiki
    • The Collaboratory has this wiki to document all of our work
  6. Training
    • The IM team offers training for all Collaboratory technology
  7. Website
    • The Collaboratory website, developed by Messiah College's Marketing and Public Relations, is up at (or
    • Messiah College Marketing and Public Relations designed a new website geared toward our external audiences (e.g. clients, donors, prospective members), which is hosted on Messiah's servers



To learn how to take attendance with MAP, check out Using MAP
MAP 3.0


Using the Collaboratory database


Learn about our production server through ITS, Collab
Learn about our server, Collab-Main


For information on using the wiki, see the Help page


Learn about Cumulus


Instructions on how to add appointments and proxies using Messiah's email


Checkout policies and forms


Although the Information Management team is responsible for maintaining user accounts for the wiki and the database, group and team leaders should request accounts for new members through the Manager, Rodney Green (, or his student work study (


  • Although we are able to answer your questions, please try to find answers to general questions on the wiki
  • For requesting technology training and other questions, please contact the Collaboratory IM Team at

Internal pages of Information management

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