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The Infrastructure Group May 2014


The Infrastructure Group is the most recent addition to the Collaboratory. This group arrives with the start of the civil engineering program at Messiah. Our goal is to employ students to serve communities with a hands on missional approach. On an organizational level, this group plans to accomplish their goals through partnerships locally and around the world, plugging in with local partners and global missions to greater serve the people within communities. The Infrastructure group is a hub for hands-on Civil Engineering-type projects that meet the needs brought to us by Christian mission, relief and development organizations, and business. Because the projects within the group are serving the basic needs of community members, our group will encourage students towards vocational vision for life-long servant leadership.


To design and implement facilities and structures to meet the basic needs of people within a community.


Meeting needs and improving quality of life by planting necessary infrastructure where it is needed.


Spring 2013: The Infrastructure Group is excited to launch its first project, the Bridge Project!



Current projects

Future projects

The Infrastructure Group will be announcing new projects in the near future.

Past projects

  • Arraij√°n Bridge Design Project
This project provided a design for a pedestrian footbridge to Rio Missions in Panama. The design was completed in May of 2014 and Rio Missions began construction several weeks later.


Member records


For documentation about a specific project, visit the project's wiki page.

Proposal Article

IPC Documentation

General Infrastructure Group Documentation

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