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Clinic where the system will be installed


Many communities in Haiti are still trying to recover after the destructive earthquake in 2010, and with a power grid being unreliable, solar energy is one of the most viable options for power in the region. Therefore, using the funds produced by Ride Solar, the Energy group will work jointly with ASI to design and install a photovoltaic system. This will help the community rebuild with an overall goal to help them become more self-sustaining.

Purpose statement

The Powering Hope Project plans to build a photo-voltaic system on top of a medical clinic in Blanchard, Haiti. This project is in collaboration with Advanced Solar Industries (ASI). The system will supply the building with power, reducing their dependence on the inadequate grid system currently in place.


There is a genuine need for solar energy in Haiti. The 3.9kw photo-voltaic system will be used to power a clinic located in Blanchard, Haiti (just east of the capital, Port Au Prince). It is generally dark by 6pm year-round; with the electricity generated, the clinic will be able to power medical equipment and lights around the complex. Providing a stable source of power to this clinic will allow the people of Blanchard a dependable place to receive medical treatment.


The project started in March 2011 with two members, Trevor Smith and Lee Drummond. Since then, the group has grown to seven engineering students. The initial goal of the group was to install the system at a school house in Canaan, Haiti, but after a trip to the site in January of 2012, it was decided that the PID medical clinic would be a better and perfect fit for the project.


left to right: Ethan Crane, Lee Drummond, Trevor Smith, Luke Hostetter

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January 2012



Powering Hope Project Proposal
IPC Project Outcomes Document
IPC Project Management Document
Powering Hope Site Team Proposal

Contact Information

For more information about this project, please contact:

Trevor Smith ts1275@messiah.edu


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