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Student conduct policy

  1. In keeping with our core culture of being Approved Workers, no Student Member may be considered for or hold a position of leadership within the Collaboratory or participate in a site team while on any type of Messiah College administered probation (Chapel, Academic, or Disciplinary), or when found to be in violation of Messiah College's Academic Integrity Policy. "Positions of leadership" are defined as the student director, assistant student director, student staff manager, assistant student staff manager, group leaders, project managers, and staff team/sub-team leaders.
  2. The Collaboratory Manager will check student leaders’ and site team members' probation and academic integrity status with college officials at appropriate intervals.
  3. Student leaders or site team members on Chapel probation will be granted a two week grace period to make up their chapel probation requirements. The two week grace period begins when the Manager is informed of the student being on probation. If at the end of the grace period the student does not meet their chapel requirements, they will be suspended from their leadership position. Once the student is suspended, their Collaboratory Advisor may choose to select a replacement or may opt to perform the student’s duties him/herself. A student leader or site team member may apply for reinstatement at such time as their chapel probation requirement is met.
  4. Site team members found to be on Academic or Disciplinary probation or guilty of Academic dishonesty will be removed from the site team. They will be responsible for the full amount of any financial loss incurred by the site team as a result of their removal.
  5. Student leaders found to be on Academic or Disciplinary probation, or guilty of Academic dishonesty, shall be suspended from their positions for a minimum of one semester. A replacement student leader shall be chosen. If after one semester the leader has been removed from probation,
    • [Academic] she may apply for reinstatement subject to the approval of her Collaboratory and Academic Advisors. (subject to Messiah College policy)
    • [Disciplinary Probation or Academic Dishonesty] he may apply for reinstatement subject to the approval of his Collaboratory Advisor and the LCM.
  6. All policy subject to changes in Messiah College handbook.

Approved on 2010 04-01

Leaders Committee: 2010 02-24
Operations Committee: 2010 03-04
Executive Committee: 2010 04-01
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