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This is a record of actions taken in Collaboratory committee meetings, including links to approved items.

Please read the following guidelines BEFORE posting the minutes to your meeting:

  1. The article naming protocol for meetings is "EX:YYYY MM-DD Description". Be sure to add "|YYYY MM-DD Description" to your link so the EX namespace prefix does not appear.
  2. Meeting pages should use this general layout: (copy/paste)
===People Present===

File Naming Protocols for Proposals and Annual Plans

  • Annual plans
    • Example: DR:2012-2013 Mobility Tricycle Annual Plan
  • Project proposals
    • Example: WA_ProjectProposal_Intelligent_Well_Monitoring_Aug2012.pdf
  • Site Team proposals
    • Example: WA_SiteTeamProposal_BurkinaJ13_Aug2012.pdf
  • Budgets
    • Example: WA_ProjectBudget_Intelligent_Well_Monitoring_Aug2012.pdf
    • Example: WA_SiteTeamBudget_BurkinaJ13_Aug2012.pdf

Active Projects

Meeting Records

Committee Meetings

Executive Committee

Operations Committee

Leaders Committee


Directors Discussions

Most recent priority planning document of the Directors.

Other Records

Recurring Agenda Items

Wiki Archives

Proposals and Annual Plans


Annual Plans


Add the approved template to items you wish to appear here.

Approvals of Collaboratory Committees

Open Items

Items still being processed through Collaboratory Committees.

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