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Site Team Advisor Handbook

  • This handbook details the site team process from start to finish.
  • Be sure to follow the checklist to ensure that all site team tasks are completed on time.

Form a team

  • Groups that want to propose a new Site Team will:
    1. Work with the Manager of the Collaboratory to ensure that the partner organization is vetted and approved by Messiah College's Office of International Programs. Here is a list of Collaboratory partner organizations that have been approved by the College.
    2. Consult with the partner organization on the feasibility of a site team.
      • Summarize the objectives of the team for decision makers.
      • Request notification of any dates that must be avoided.
      • Request any applications or medical forms required by the partnering organization. If possible, have these forms sent electronically.
    3. Forward an application, along with a budget and funding plan, to the Student Director of the Collaboratory for review and recommendation by the Leaders Committee. The Operations Committee will make a final decision.
      • If a group wants to sponsor a Site Team for a January trip, the application must be received before the March spring break preceding the trip.
      • If a group wants to sponsor a Site Team for a Summer trip, the application must be received before the October fall break preceding the trip.
  • Upon approval, the advisor and student leader of a Site Team will coordinate with the student director to publish a team member application deadline in the next available Monday Night Meeting, and follow Collaboratory guidelines for assembling the team.

Funding and raising support

Groups that wish to send members on a Site Team must accept financial responsibility for those team members. If the fundraising efforts of the Site Team are unsuccessful, the deficit for each member will be transferred to that member's Group.

Apply to join a team

All candidates to submit the following to the Collaboratory Manager by the application deadline:

  • A completed site team participation application
  • A scanned or photocopied copy of the picture page of the candidate's passport. Any candidate who does not have a passport should gather and photocopy the necessary materials to apply for a passport. The photocopy will be turned in to the Collaboratory Manager in lieu of a passport scan. Candidates who have a passport that will expire within six months of the anticipated return date need to fill in the necessary paperwork for passport renewal and turn in a photocopy of this paperwork to the Collaboratory Manager with their passport scan.

Upon acceptance to a Site Team, all members must submit the forms required for Site Team trips to the Collaboratory Manager.

Prepare a team

Site team articles

Here you'll find documented trip reports from past Site Teams of the Collaboratory, to be used as a reference. These articles conform to the Site team template

  1. Burkina Faso, January 2005
  2. Mozambique, January 2006
  3. Burkina Faso, Summer 2006
  4. Honduras, Summer 2007
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