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The Solar PV project is a section of the Energy Group that researches and constructs Photovoltaic systems. Solar PV systems convert sunlight directly into electricity. This field has been popularized relatively recently and has much room for innovation. Because solar units produce electricity from sunlight, they can be used both on and off the power "grid."


The Solar PV project members are currently working to create a knowledge base for implementing solar systems. We plan to gather and organize information on brands, system sizes, power, etc. This will assist when in the consideration of proposed projects from clients and allow quick assessment of the need and cost involved.


The goals of the project are the following:

  • Promote sustainable energy
  • Increase awareness of Photovoltaic power capabilities
  • Provide a knowledge basis for the implementation of solar energy systems
  • Maintain the Clifford L. Jones Solar Scholars Pavilion (located on the Messiah College Mechanicsburg, PA Campus)
  • Provide design and installation of stand-alone Solar PV systems in developing countries

Current Project Status

The Solar PV team members are working to collect data on photovoltaic systems and clearly understand all aspects of such networks. The Solar PV team is continuing to use the mobile solar cart as an educational tool. Team members also maintain and rotate the Solar Panels beside Frey Academic Building on Messiah College Campus, Mechanicsburg, PA. (Updated September 2013)

Project History

In the 2012-2013 school year, the Solar PV team constructed a fully-functioning portable solar power unit. The team will continue to utilize this small scale solar power system as an educational device which demonstrates the basic concepts and structure of a Photovoltaic set-up. This will advocate the usage of renewable energy and foster renewable resource discussions among the public.

The Solar PV project is a continuation of the Powering Hope and Solar Scholars projects. Solar PV was formed upon the completion of goals of the previous projects and is responsible for continuing the maintenance tasks of the Clifford L. Jones Solar Scholars Pavilion. Resources for this maintenance can be found on the Solar Scholars wiki page.

Current Team Leader

Current Team Members


  • Liam Tanis (Project Adviser)
  • Professor Randall fish (Group Adviser)


TCZ 2015 Site Team Proposal


For any questions or concerns about the Solar PV project, please contact Taylor Everett,

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