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Staff Services
Advancement Group Fall 2013


The Advancement Group provides public relations, accounting, information management and logistics support for the Collaboratory's Application Groups and Site Teams. The Staff Group is comprised of four teams: Finance, Information Management (IM), Logistics and Marketing. Below are links for the these teams' wiki pages and projects.


  • To provide the Collaboratory with professional administrative services in the areas of finance, information management, logistics, and marketing
  • To support the Executive Group in areas of management
  • To facilitate the use of common resources within the Collaboratory
  • To abide by the parameters of the Staff budget
  • To mentor students into leadership roles both professionally and spiritually



The Finance Team supports the fiscal sustainability of the Collaboratory by tracking and recording monetary flows, and reporting to adminstration about the financial status of the group as a whole, and individual trips or projects undertaken.

Information management

Information Management provides technological and process-based solutions to the informational problems encountered by Collaboratory application groups.


The Logistics Team provides logistical coordination for trip teams implementing their projects, group retreats, and a variety of other needs within the Collaboratory.


Marketing encompasses the Publications, Advertising, and Relational Marketing teams to promote the Collaboratory and establish relationships with the Messiah College community, local donors, and global partners.

Internal Staff Pages

This is where the staff teams keeps internal documents, updates and information such as short-term goals for projects.
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