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  • Craig Dalen
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The Sustainability Group seeks to strengthen the ties of reconciliation between God, humanity, and the Earth. Efforts sponsored by the Sustainability Group will reflect our Christian commitment to promoting an ecologically, socially, and economically conscious (a holistic "triple-bottom line") approach to community living in both local and international settings. In partnership with in-house Messiah College sustainability initiatives, the Sustainability Group will provide an environment in which Messiah College students can use their academic skills to enter into Christ-centered service that promotes ecological vitality, social justice, and economic viability in their campus community, as well as their local and global communities.


The mission of the Sustainability group is three-fold:

  • Provide opportunities for Messiah College students to utilize their respective academic skills to develop ecologically conscious and economically responsible solutions to real-world problems,
  • Engage in acts of holistic service that allow Messiah College students to live out their Christian faith by caring for God’s people and His creation, sharing the powerful message of the Gospel, and showing Christ’s love in action, and
  • Create a venue through which Messiah College students can work to alleviate poverty and empower the poor by transporting academic knowledge and major-related skills outside of the classroom and transforming them into accessible and sustainable tools for families in developing communities.


The Sustainability Group whole-heartedly supports sustainability efforts that exhibit three fundamental qualities:

  • Embody the Sustainability Group’s “triple-bottom line” approach to creation care and promote ecological vitality, social justice, and economic viability,
  • Reflect the mission of the Collaboratory and works to empower those in poverty and demonstrate a faithful commitment to environmental stewardship, and
  • Engage professional skills and intellectual resources of various disciplines across campus to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.



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