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Basic MAP Tutorial

Logging In

  1. Visit to log in
    • Your username should be your Messiah username or possibly your first initial and last name (e.g. dtepley for Deborah Tepley).
    • If you cannot remember your password, try using password or email the IM team at to have them reset your password


Leaders should take attendance for the following events:

  1. Project/Team Leaders
    • Chapels: Attendance
    • Project/Team Meetings: Attendance, Hours, Task Completion
    • Other Events: RSVPs
  2. Group Leaders
    • For any members in your group who are not on a project/team, do the same as listed above for the Project/Team Leaders
  3. Advisors
    • Project/Team Meetings: check the hours that members report
  4. Collaboratory Leaders
    • Attendance for non-Chapel and non-Meeting events (Breakfasts, Retreats, Workshops, Classes, Service Day)
    • Hours for Retreats, Workshops, and Classes

Tracking Participation

  1. Upon login, you should see a welcome screen with a link to the most recent meeting; there is also an Event List link on the left sidebar
    • Click this link!
  2. Find the event you wish to track participation for on the list and click Participation
  3. You should see a table with all the members of your group/team
  4. Fill in the following fields as appropriate
    • RSVP: a check indicates that the member is planning to attend an upcoming event
    • Attendance: a check indicates the member was present for the event
    • Hours Worked: enter a number to represent the number of hours they worked on their Collaboratory assignment
      • Hours worked should not include the following:
        • Any time spent at a Collaboratory event that we track participation already automatically adds hours to members' totals in MAP (e.g. Chapel, Prayer Breakfast, Retreat)
        • Please include time spent at project meetings in reported hours
      • Hours worked should include the following:
        • Time volunteered toward a project
        • Meetings attended for the Collaboratory
        • Time spent in class working on a Collaboratory project (IPC)
        • Hours paid as part of a Collaboratory work study leadership position (e.g. Student Director, Assistant Student Director, Staff Manager)
    • Task Completion: from the drop-down, select the phrase that best represents how the member completed the work assigned to them for the past week. This is mostly at the leader's discretion.
      • Not Applicable: keep this default setting if the member was not assigned any work
      • No Progress: select this option if the member was assigned work but did nothing toward accomplishing the goal
      • Behind Schedule: indicates that the member did some work, but it was not as much as it should have been
      • On Task: if the member has completed a satisfactory amount of work, select this option
    • Tasks: use this box to enter any additional information such as what the member accomplished or tasks to accomplish in the upcoming week
  5. Click submit when done to save the information entered


Reports are compiled for all individual members, teams, groups, and the Collaboratory as a whole. The following reports are available to the listed people:

  • Individual Member Report
    • The member who the report is for
    • Advisors and MAP Admins
    • Collaboratory executives
  • Aggregate Member Report
    • All members
  • Individual Team Report
    • All members
  • Aggregate Team Report
    • All members
  • Individual Group Report
    • All members
  • Aggregate Group Report
    • All members

Viewing Reports

To see a list of reports available:

  1. Log into MAP
  2. On the left sidebar, click on the Reports Listing link
  3. Click on the link for the desired report
    Note: Team, Group, and Collaboratory reports may take awhile to load - please be patient
  4. If necessary, change the timeframe of the report by choosing one from the dropdown and selecting "Change Semester"

Administrative Tasks

Adding Members

To have a member added to your group/team, go to Member Listing and click the New Member link at the top. Please include the following:

  1. Full name of the member
  2. Member's Messiah email address
  3. Join Date

Removing Members

  • If a member is no longer a part of the Collaboratory, go to Member Listing and click on the member. Click Edit at the bottom and set the leave date for the person; doing so will automatically remove the member from teams / projects with which the person was associated.
  • If a member has simply left your team, go to your team page and click the Edit link at the bottom. Place a check in the box for members to remove and click submit to remove them.

Reporting Bugs

MAP is designed to automatically email the IM Team leader when it encounters any database problem. Still, if you encounter a message saying the server has encountered an error or if you yourself experience a bug, please email the IM Team leader with the following information:

  1. What page you were on or what page you were going to
  2. What you were trying to do
  3. What actually happened (i.e. the error or bug)
  4. What was supposed to happen (i.e. what did you want to happen)
  5. Any additional information
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