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Filtration Purification Applications Project



FAPA is a project of the purification branch of the Water group

A team member having fun with young girls during an educational water program in Awas Tingni, Nicaragua

Purpose statement

  • General Overview:

The purpose of FAPA is to recommend different types of water filtration and purification systems to communities for specific local situations, to provide support in implementing the recommended system, and to educate others about clean water.

  • Examples:

This includes developing a database of water systems, creating a community water survey, and equipping site teams with resources to help ensure sustainability of water systems in developing countries. A major part of the sustainability of the water system will include education for clients about their water system and Clean Water Education for children in the community.

  • Specifics on the Approach:

This approach is multidisciplinary: microbiology, chemistry, environmental science, engineering, community development, politics, business, missions, and education are all necessary to properly complete our tasks.


Our goal is to develop clean-water resources for use by our brothers and sisters in developing countries in a relational and conflict-free way, as empowered by and leaning completely on God and His grace.

Our more specific long-term goals:

  • Education and training
    • develop training materials for clients in the use and upkeep of their selected purification system.
    • work with FAPA-E to develop culturally appropriate curriculum centered around Clean Water Education (grades K through high school).
    • develop a flipbook for use by teachers about clean water education.
  • Determine proper techniques for the relationship building process with possible partner communities.
  • Define sustainability strategies for installed water systems:
    • Determine protocol to turn over control to the community without causing damage to the community (power conflicts, "water wars")
    • Determine how to form a governing body to oversee water access where applicable, possibly based on the local political, tribal, or governmental structure.
    • Determine how to pay for operating, maintenance, and depreciation costs, possibly by using a water business model
  • Keep updated on new water purification and filtration technologies


FAPA was formed as an offshoot of VWOS in 2009 in order to explore water filtration and purification opportunities other than ozonization systems. After two years of research, FAPA developed protocol for the Water group's Summer 2011 Nicaragua Summer Site Team. This experience with the site team has opened up exciting new doors for FAPA to work with Forward Edge International along the eastern coast of Nicaragua. We hope to be a resource that is helpful to future site teams involved in clean water accessibility and education.

Our current work is focused on finalizing education resources for the people of the east coast of Nicaragua, including curriculum books teacher training materials.




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