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HFM 2.1 Solidworks Model, front view


  • General Overview:

The Hollow Fiber Membrane (HFM) team is a group of students, faculty, and professionals working to design, build, and implement water purification systems in several countries around the world. We partner with community leaders, government officials, and non-profit organizations to develop technology and education that meets needs for water purification in a sustainable way. Involvement in the Collaboratory and HFM works to serve both the people of our partner communities as well as contribute to intellectual and spiritual growth of our team members.

  • Partnerships:

HFM is one of several application projects in the Water Group. The HFM team is presently working with communities in Nicaragua and Burkina Faso by partnering with Forward Edge International and SIM. These communities are affected by contaminated water and have a desire to work with us to find a solution.

Purpose statement

The HFM team is partnering with community leaders, government officials, and Forward Edge International to develop water purification technology to meet the needs of people in Nicaragua and Burkina Faso in an economically, environmentally, and culturally sustainable manner. Through the camaraderie and common work of the team, the HFM team intends to develop members' abilities and Christian character.


  1. To develop and implement an economically, environmentally, and culturally sustainable water purification system to meet the needs of partnering communities.
  2. To develop and present a manual that allows community leaders to operate and manage the technology implemented.
  3. To develop members' abilities and Christian character and to encourage servant leadership and vocational vision.
  4. Figure out why systems in Burkina Faso are not functioning properly and find a solution to fix the problem.


  • Current News
    • 8/29/13- The HFM system has been installed in two locations in Burkina Faso. A new system using several smaller HFM filters in parallel is built and being tested. Another separate system will be installed in Frey academic building in order to gain feedback from users of the system.
  • Project Origins

The Collaboratory Water Group has taken an interest in the work Wes Hollenbach has done with the Sawyer point one hollow fiber membrane filter system through his IPC project.

  • Additional Benefits:

HFM has great potential to serve the water purification needs of our clients' communities as it offers an alternative to the VWOS system, for communities in which VWOS might not be sustainable. A 2011 summer site team installed a prototype of the system with our clients in Nicaragua and a follow up trip was taken during the summer of 2012.


  • Darin Horst, Project Leader
  • Jon Hepner, IPC
  • Rebecca Ports, IPC
  • Hing Jii Mea (Toby), IPC




Contact Information

For more information about this project, please contact:

Daniel Earl at de1189@messiah.edu

Darin Horst at dh1263@messiah.edu

Jonathan Hepner at jh1518@messiah.edu

Hing Jii Mea at hm1225@messiah.edu

David Vader at DVader@messiah.edu

Ariela Vader at AVader@messiah.edu

Water Group at collabwater@messiah.edu

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