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Bacteria Testing

Water Testing Project


The Testing Team is an integral part of the Water Group, ensuring that the systems developed by other members of the Water Group, such as HFM and VWOS, meet clean water standards. We perform several bacterial and chemical tests to ensure water purity for all the purification systems the Water Group produces.

Purpose statement

The purpose of the Water Testing Project is to provide universal Collaboratory standards for clean water, as well as to provide the Collaboratory with an domestic water testing resource center.


  • Develop online documentation of current testing resources and availability
  • Develop online documentation of lists of preferred purchasers
  • Provide water testing to other projects within the Collaboratory
  • Send members on site teams specifically to test water


The Water Testing Project first formed during the 2010-2011 school year and grew out of a need to have clearly defined water standards and tests readily available to those groups and projects working on water purification, filtration and sanitation, as well as for site teams going abroad. We have established a document that outlines water purity standards as well as testing procedures that has aided on site testing.




Past Work

Contact Information

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