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A classroom in Yako


Purpose statement

Burkina Faso Outreach (BFO) is a non-profit Christian organization that operates in partnership with SIM: Serving in Mission. BFO has a mission of sharing the gospel, educating children and adults in Christian schools, providing vocational training to youth, feeding the hungry, and providing the means for medical care to those who cannot afford it, all in the communities of Burkina Faso where BFO is active. Lynn Peters is the founder and director of Burkina Faso Outreach.

BFO has identified the following needs for their preschool and elementary school programs in Yako and nearby villages:

  1. Professional development for primary school teachers
  2. Curriculum enhancement, based on a Western/American educational model but meeting/surpassing the national standards for Burkinabé education
  3. Developing individual strategies for struggling students
  4. Strengthening spelling and writing proficiency in elementary grades


This project is proposed as a 3-semester project, with the following components:

Under the direction of Angela Hare and possibly other advisors, students will...

  1. Observe classes in Yako schools for at least one week and prepare a report documenting class activities and teacher & student strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Provide an IEP-style report (individualized education plan) for struggling students as identified by local teachers. This report will suggest strategies for addressing student deficiencies; strategies that are based on educational research.
  3. Prepare curricular materials, in the French language, in history, science, geography, spelling, and the Bible (areas that have been identified as lacking in the current curriculum).

Lynn Peters of BFO and SIM will receive the following products:

  1. Class observation report(s): January 2014.
  2. Individual Educational Plans for struggling students (3-5), completed in Spring 2014.
  3. Curricular materials, in the French language, in history, science, geography, spelling, and the bible. These will be delivered electronically and in print form.

Evidence of Success: The primary evidence of effectiveness will be reports from director Lynn Peters about how the various report proposals, suggestions, and materials are being used by the Burkinabé teachers.


During the summer of 2011, Dr. Angela Hare made contact with Lynn Peters, the founder of Burkina Faso Outreach. Then, during J-term 2012, a Collaboratory team traveled to Yako to observe in classrooms and teach lessons on topics including dogs, the water cycle, and TBD. In the past, the Education Group has worked in Mahadaga, another village in Burkina Faso, so they are familiar with the education system of that country. Other projects within the Collaboratory also work closely with Serving in Mission, one of the partner organizations of this project.





Yako Education Project (YEP) Proposal

Contact Information

For more information about this project, please contact:

Sarah Gilmartin: collabeducation@messiah.edu

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