Zambia Paper Project

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Zambia Paper Project

This is the MED's first project.


The MicroEconomic Development Group seeks to work with the Messiah College Art Department and Brethren in Christ Church Zambia to implement a hand-made paper business in Choma, Zambia. The role of the MED group is to find markets for the product and develop a viable business model to produce and sell the paper.

Purpose statement

The MED group has the opportunity to partner with BICC-Z and assist in creating a sustainable business enterprise to empower the local people of Choma, Zambia and improve the quality of their living condition.


The role of MED in creating this paper-making enterprise is to establish a sustainable business model to promote production efficiency, product quality, and profitability. This includes assisting in the development of one or more marketable paper products that are unique to Zambia, researching prospective markets for these products, establishing the necessary market linkages, providing specific business training to managers and employees, and obtaining the needed capital to begin operations. Finally, the MED group will design an exit strategy so as to leave the business in the hands of capable locals.





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