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The MED group plans works in partnership with the Brethren In Christ Church – Zambia to begin savings-led micro-finance associations in the Simaubi and Simwaanda Economic Development Zones. These savings-led micro-finance associations provide people with an opportunity to save regularly, accumulate and aggregate the community’s capital and provide loans to group members as needed.

Purpose statement

This project is being undertaken to advance the economic and social power of people living in relative poverty.This project is meant to be an extension of the Church’s work to meet the needs of the poor, recognizing that God is the source and sustainer of life.



The MED group has traveled to Zambia in the summers of 2009 and 2010. The first trip was an exploratory trip to research the area, learn about development agencies in the area and develop relationships with the Zambians in selected areas. Additionally, work on the Zambia Paper Making Project was done with several students from the art department. In the summer of 2009, several more students from the MED group as well as several art students traveled again to Zambia. During the trip, MED students created and taught 2 VSLA savings and credit associations, developed and deepened relationships with the Zambians in Simaubi, as well as followed up with the Paper Making project. The MED group is planning on sending 5 members and an adviser to Simwaanda Economic Development Zone in Kalomo District, Southern Province of Zambia, where they will start two to three more VSLAs in May of 2012. Additionally, they plan to re-visit the Simaubi VSLAs that were started last year and check up on the paper-making project.




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